About us

Saillant Furniture creates high quality indoor and outdoor furniture.
We believe good design is not in the price but in aesthetics, quality and comfort.

We export our solid teak or oak furniture from Jepara, Indonesia.
Our selected teak and mahogany wood all comes from government-controlled plantations. This means that no forests will be harmed.
Our oak wood is imported from Europe and is FSC-labeled.

We design and manufacture all kinds of indoor furniture: chairs, tables, cabinets, lounge chairs, etc.
Our main-focus is in aesthetics, quality and comfort.


We work together with several different suppliers in Jepara, Indonesia. All the suppliers have their own specialties.

We select our suppliers very carefully. There are thousands of suppliers in Jepara (big and small ones). We talk with the suppliers first, see their production and see their administration for the legal wood. If we are satisfied about these things we continue to make a sample. If the quality is good enough, and the price is right we will continue with the supplier.

After we give an order to a supplier we do a daily quality check with several instruction to guarantee the quality throughout the process.

Selecting the highest quality teak wood for our furniture.

Saillant Furniture

Saillant Furniture